Residential Projects

Rock Eden

Truly Eden

Over 34 acres, the compound delivers a top class homeownership service combining substantial areas of greenery along with premium unit designs catering to varying tastes and needs of our clients. Residential options at Rock Eden include townhouse villas and four types of apartments, with a total number of 859 apartments and 87 townhouse villas.

كموبند روك ايدين

Rock Ville

The Asian Charm

Over 12 acres of land, Rock Ville is luxurious; offering 101 villas ranging between Stand Alone Villas, Town & Twin Houses yet, it demonstrates simple architectural designs with pretty brick-like roof tops in the middle of intertwined areas of landscape & greenery.
Areas of villas range between 228m2 to 533m2 delivering a fully functional space matching varying needs & preferences.

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Rock Vera

The Italian Beauty

Over 11 acres, you will get to experience the fine life style of a typical Italian community combining Italian architecture with residential services that will ensure ultimate convenience and pleasure for all family members.
272 apartments divided between ground with garden units, typical floor apartments or penthouses with sky domes are available for your personal preference and your family needs; all delivering an exquisite residential experience.

كموبند روك فيرا

Rock Yard

Retro London

Experience the attraction & glamour of London streets with the traditional yet, fancy British architecture in Rock Yard compound. The first of its kind in Egypt among a series of cultural-themed compounds, Rock yard delivers an unprecedented British overview that would take you to the city of dreams; where owning your dream home becomes extremely within reach.

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Sheraton Heliopolis

El Batal group has succeeded to have the biggest market share in the residential and commercial domain in Sheraton through offering more than 60 buildings all over Sheraton, retail areas, amenities & administrative spaces, proudly attracting market leading brand names clients and tenants such as Mercedes Benz, CIB, National Bank of Egypt, spinneys, Merck, PIL, ACE, BreadFast, Ministry of Foreign Trade, Abou Qeer Fertilizers, Negmet Heliopolis and Avon to become our partners in success.

In addition to the ideal locations, all residential & commercial zones are designed and built with care to offer prospective solutions for residents, merchandises, facilities & retails.