A shout-out for hope, faith and glory.
We made a visit to the institution that stands strong to the cells of cancer.
We talked, we danced and had lots of fun.
We got to know the real heroes of the 57357 tale.
We will always be thankful and honored to be there.


Ana 22dar "1"

Our very first initiative to support kids with down syndrome and aiding our society. In collaboration with “Zaye Zayak”

With your help, We were able to get more closer to the kids and supporting them with all basic and educational needs in order to be able to act efficiently within their societies.

Ana 22dar "2"

Because we are keen to keep the momentum going!

AGAIN, Together!
We made it happen, We took much better and organized steps to reach more kids who are in urgent need the help and we will always keep moving forward to attain bigger goals.

Ana_22dar 2
Ana _22dar _3

Ana 22dar "3"


As we are not into on shot campaigns, We are creating a tradition.

On 2018, we still emphasizing and motivating kids suffering from down-syndrome to face the struggles of life.

A wider scope, a bigger finance … Always with your help.

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