ElBatal Group Story

  • 1978

    El Batal Group’s legacy is traced back to 1978 and has passed over generations to become one of the Real Estate market leaders in both the local and International Real Estate markets. Engineer Samir Doss started our legacy as an independent contractor, and his values continue as El Batal evolves, shaping our performance.

    From the very beginning, the family’s patriarch, Engineer Doss sought to instill credibility, trustworthiness, transparency & professionalism in his early projects. The first building was constructed in the mid 1980’s in Ain Shams followed by others in Zeitoun and El Nozha El Gedida, and finally expanded to develop residential properties in Sheraton province, totaling up to over 60 buildings today.

  • 2002

    In 2002, El Batal Group has been established as a privately held real estate development corporation. Inspired by their father’s persistence, hard work & tenacity; to them, he was a hero and so they chose a name for their company that represents him.

  • 2010

    Building upon El Batal’s renowned name in delivering top class quality and enriching the Real Estate sector, it was time for a bigger dream and a wider step to penetrate the international real estate industry through the Canadian market. In 2010, “Doss Homes” was born – becoming El Batal’s sister real estate company attracting several leading names to a variety of retail plazas all over Ontario, in cities such as Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Pembroke, Harrow and Stoney Creek. Doss Homes tenants include Tim Horton, CIBC Bank, Burger King, A&W, Scotia Bank among others.

  • 2016

    Reflecting on the diversified cultural community in Canada, El Batal sought to diversify their architecture with a cultural edge; bringing together a different concept to its homeland Egypt. The target was to build sustainable and durable homes with authentic styles. From there, the ROCK concept saw the light in 2016, offering a chain of “Rock” Compounds in East and West of Cairo. Making up the basic units of Earth. Rocks stand for strength, stability, energy and durability and this is exactly what we want to deliver to our customers, sustainable & durable homes with energy & character. A truly fulfilling lifestyle is what to find in Rock Eden, Rock Ville, Rock Vera and Rock Yard.

  • 2021

    Today with over 40 years of experience, El Batal Group has earned a prominent position in the Egyptian as well as the Canadian Real Estate Markets. The family’s personal success story is the foundation of the company’s values over the years; highlighting professionalism, credibility and trustworthiness within the local and international communities, with bigger prospects to earn further recognition, success & presence in the future.