Heliopolis has a special place in the hearts, minds, and portfolios of El Batal Developments’ leaders and employees. A city like no other within the varying architectural styles of Cairo; Heliopolis has long been home to many successful real estate endeavors in many sectors. This includes Cairo International Airport, Baron Empain Palace, El Korba, and a plethora of landmark hotels, to name a few.

The Doss family has left a heavy mark on Heliopolis within its iconic Sheraton district; a continuously evolving example of the residential and commercial prowess of El Batal Developments.


A land of constant opportunity ever since its inception, New Cairo has always been, and will continue to be, a prime residential, commercial and administrative destination. It is a city that takes all the charm of the Cairo lifestyle and infuses it into levels of grand and modern real estate designs. You can see this perfectly exemplified in a variety of commercial venues, finely crafted mosques, many premium malls, an assortment of high-end fitness and wellness clubs, and so much more on the horizon. El Batal Developments is among its top appreciators. With the company’s Rock Concept taking authentic form in Rock Vera, Rock Vera Plaza and Rock Gold, El Batal Developments is actively adding to the charm and appeal of this growing metropolis.


Set to be Egypt’s true city of the future, and having the skills and support of the world’s most leading architectural entities; the New Administrative Capital is the pinnacle of Egyptian real estate. Enjoying a unique location between Cairo and Suez Canal, this high-tech new capital will comprise 21 districts featuring the next evolution in Egyptian monuments. The core of this country will be shifting almost entirely to the New Administrative Capital, with embassies, governmental entities, major economic movers and shakers, and untold investment potential. El Batal Developments realizes the near-limitless potential that the New Administrative Capital has to offer; Rock Capital 1 represents the company’s full architectural, engineering, and developmental prowess in the administrative sector, and its exemplary demonstration of proper building codes.


Egypt’s industrious city of El Obour represents much more than promising land; it is a testament to the country’s perseverance against the odds. What was once plain desert is steadily becoming a key economic location, as well as a prime destination for booming residential and commercial projects. El Batal Developments’ Rock Concept is best embodied in Obour through its Asian-inspired Rock Ville and Rock Ville Plaza, making full use of the district’s unique location and offerings.


The 6th of October city is now far more than just a distance stretch in the West of Cairo; it has become its own entity, becoming home to many major entities in the global and local residential and corporate scenes. Far away from the common troubles of Cairo living, the 6th of October City is home to many iconic residential and commercial projects. Examples include Ahram Gardens, Sheikh Zayed in its entirety, Mall of Arabia, Mall of Egypt, the Egyptian Media Production city, The British School, Zewail University and Dream Land. And it has become a fine extension of El Batal Developments’ Rock Concept. The city is home to Rock Eden: El Batal Developments’ ambitious new take on a more peaceful and productive life.
59 El-Moltaka El-Araby,
Sheraton Heliopolis- Cairo, Egypt.
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