About Rock Capital 1

“Have A Great Working Day”

Rock Capital 1 is designed and built to satisfy and cater to all types of businesses and offices. The total built up area is 100,000sqm and the average gross area per floor is 9,000sqm. Rock Capital 1 is 80,000sqm of office space, amenities and services; complemented with 4,000sqm of landscaped terraces, the project is interconnected by atria and terraced gardens.

There are two underground parking levels of area 22,000m2 to suffice the 8 floors capacity.

There are 5 atriums inside the building all the way from the ground level up to the roof.

Because we care about providing an eco-friendly environment, the building is designed with open air terraces starting at the 4th floor to ensure the air being constantly refreshed. Further, for relaxation and chilling out throughout your working day, there is greenery, break lounges, fitness club and physiotherapy, along with a wide range of amenities to offer a healthy work environment.

Rock Capital 1 is completely secured 24/7.

We ensure that the project is built with:

-Secure protection against seismic loads

-Emergency stairs located every 30m

-Mount gypsum with -insulation to avoid noise

-Put in large distances between glass and nearest obstacle

-Install solar panels

-Offer improved indoor air quality using HEPA Air Purifiers

-Establish a fireproofing and firefighting systems.


50 – 7000m²





Located in the heart of Cairo’s New Capital Financial District, Rock Capital 1 is a sophisticated new generation workplace with a design philosophy centered on human prosperity. Its pivotal location provides all the units in the business complex with a plethora of landmarks within its close proximity.


Rock Capital1 is equipped with 16 elevators to ensure that your commute to and from work goes smoothly.


Take a respite from your busy day to bask in the sunlight thanks to the numerous atriums.

Concierge Service

For luxurious service and lifestyle management, our Concierge Team will meet your every need.

Coffee Bar

A cozy coffee bar located on the 7th floor with a direct access to the roof to enjoy your great working day.

Food & Beverage Shops

Rock Capital 1 provides your employees with various food and beverage shops situated suitably on every floor throughout the building.

High End Dining

Have a luxurious dining experience with your guests and enjoy the dinner on the terrace overseeing the presidential garden or dine indoors with a panoramic view.

Meeting Rooms

Book your very own meeting room, skillfully located in proximity to the offices on every floor.


ATM Center

You can find our cleverly placed ATM Center in the main entrance to allow employees to complete basic transactions without the need for a branch representative.

Chat Corner

Sit back and enjoy a chat with your fellow colleagues to catch up on your day.

GYM – Wellness Center

At Rock Capital 1, we dedicated a zone for Fitness and GYM, with a scenic view of the New Capital.

Medical Zone

Dental Clinic
Eye Care Clinic
Physiotherapy Clinic
Dermatology Clinic

Fun Activities

A mini getaway to cater for fun activities where you can unwind in an open air space with beanbags and sunlight to enjoy a beautiful morning every day.

Jogging Track

Our 400m Olympic-sized jogging track has the most picturesque and panoramic sceneries of New Capital on the roof.
Keep in shape and enjoy a run in the fresh open air of Rock Capital 1.

Facility Management

To ensure that Rock Capital 1 runs smoothly, EL Batal Group contracted a multinational facility management company to keep the building in top conditions.

Handicap Friendly

We made sure that all our facilities are fully accessible to people of all needs by means of numerous ramps, spacious elevators, broad corridors and Handicapped washrooms.


Be it a meeting, a sales pitch or even in your day-to-day routine, at Rock Capital 1, a professional hairdresser is always available to ensure you show up confident in the way you look.


Rock Capital 1 provides the means to enrich your mind throughout the working day with a fully equipped library to cater to your every need.

Acoustic Clouds

Rock Capital 1 is designed to minimize all sound through acoustic clouds strategically situated throughout the building.

Terrace Lounge

You can take a break and simply step out to the nearest terrace lounge and enjoy the beauty of the New Capital unfolding before you.


The building is constructed to house 2 underground parking levels. These levels are designed to fit a car parking lift system in order to suffice the 8 floors capacity.

Indoor Lounges

What better way to enjoy your free time then to relax in Rock Capital 1’s lounges and unwind to ensure that you have a great working day.

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