About Rock Ville

Over 12 acres of land, Rock Ville is luxurious; offering 101 villas ranging between Stand Alone Villas, Town & Twin Houses yet, it demonstrates simple architectural designs with pretty brick-like roof tops in the middle of intertwined areas of landscape & greenery.

Areas of villas range between 228 m2 to 533 m2 delivering a fully functional space matching varying needs & preferences.

At Rock Ville, we promise our residents comfort & convenience through a full range of amenities including a food court, kids’ area and a security system. Furthermore, you will enjoy a complete Asian experience at the Chakra meditation room, the Diwali Spa or Origami crafting area. As charismatic and graceful as Asian tales, Rock Ville is a true Asian charm.










As charming and dazzling as an Italian painting of rocky-like streets, chic homes and colorful flowery bushes, Rock Vera is the perfect choice for beauty seekers. Located in the heart of the 5th Settlement, minutes away from the Southern 90th road and the American university of Cairo, Rock Vera stands out as a magnificent Italian compound on Egyptian grounds.


Enjoy your relaxation time in Rock Vera’s spa.


A gym to have a good workout and stay in shape.

Resident’s Lounge

Residents’ lounge to have your coffee while having a chat with your friend.

Arts & Crafts Area

Let your kids enjoy their time at the arts & crafts area

Family Room

Families & friends will be well treated as they spend their time in the family room

Home cinema area

Watch movies with your loved ones in Rock Vera’s Home Cinema

Indoor sports room

Have fun and enjoy your time with your friends in the indoor sports room.

Book cafe

On a sunny day grab your favorite book and enjoy a good read with a cup of coffee in our Book Cafe Shop

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