• Location Canada
  • Type Commercial
  • Apartments
  • Total Towers
  • Flat Size


Led by engineers Adel and Emad Doss, El Batal Developments grew to new heights overseas in 2010, in Canada.

Entering an entirely new world of real estate, architectural code, regulations, and techniques was a challenge to the Doss brothers, to say the least. However, their progress soared, learning all the essential ins and outs of international code, licensing, and building procedures. This has allowed the company to establish six commercial Projects in Ontario – Canada, under its Canadian sister company, Doss Homes. Made to fit and go beyond the ideal Canadian requirements, Doss Homes eventually attracted the eyes of some core Canadian enterprises: Tim Hortons, CIBC Bank, Burger King, A&W, and Scotia Bank.

Only through learning the finer points of local and international code, licensing, and building procedures have we made a noteworthy mark on our combined land banks.