About Rock Eden

     “Truly Eden”

Over 34 acres, the compound delivers a top-class homeownership service combining substantial areas of greenery along with premium unit designs catering to the varying tastes and needs of our clients. Residential options at Rock Eden include townhouse villas and four types of apartments, with a total number of 859 apartments and 87 townhouse villas.

Conveying a sense of elegance and luxury, areas of town villas range between 285-296 m2 including a private garden area and an attractive architectural design. In Rock Eden, we promise variety through our multiple type apartments; meeting the needs of different homeowners and families. With varying areas of 160-320 m2 and along a modern edgy style, you can choose between Rock Eden’s penthouses, duplexes, ground with garden or typical apartments; all surrounded by vast and spacious areas of landscape; creating the perfect environment for the home.

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Town Villas






Located in the heart of the lively and attractive 6th of October city; 5 minutes away from the Ring Road and overlooking Ahmed Zewail street, Rock Eden is a residential manifestation of beauty, comfort & convenience.

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Train in Rock Eden’s Gym and your future self will thank you tomorrow.

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Pool Area

Enjoy your quality time having fun and relaxing on Rock Eden’s pool area.

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Jogging Tracks

Delight in a good jog and a vibrant run on our jogging track that extends over 650m.

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Rock Eden’s gardens extends over 7 acres for a magnificent view.

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Sport Yard

Sport yard that spreads over 10,512m2. It will be operated and run by a specialized academy.

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Let your little ones have a good education and a day full of entertainment in Rock Eden’s nursery.

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Elders’ Home

An Elders’ home to ensure your elder family members are in safe hands and are taken care of.

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Medical Clinics

Medical Clinics to ensure your health and safety.

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Spend some self-care time in Rock Eden’s Spa.

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An extensive security system to ensure your protection.

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CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras to record everything happening and take care that our residents are safe.

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