Like Father, Like Sons…

The journey began in 1978 with Eng. Samir Doss, the family patriarch, who had been working at the Ministry of Irrigation in a senior managerial position. Despite his success, he aspired to start his own real estate development business, so he resigned from his post, and began his venture as an independent contractor. He constructed his first building in the mid-80’s in Ain Shams, and then moved on to develop his own projects, establishing buildings in Zeitoun and Nozha El Gedida, and finally ended up by developing residential properties in the Sheraton Area.

In 1996, Eng. Samir Doss sadly left our world, but not before he was able to pass down his passion and craft to his two sons, Adel and Emad, who carried out his legacy by attaining degrees in engineering, and expanding their father’s private business. To honor their father, who was an inspiration and their hero, in 2002 the sons established a real estate development corporation, and went on to name it “El Batal” in his memory. The Doss family is the epitome of a true success story, and after developing over 50 properties in the Sheraton Area, El Batal Group became renowned for delivering high quality and excellent finishing.

As eagerness for success grew, El Batal Group took a leap of faith and began gravitating towards attaining the dream of forming an International presence, so they moved on to penetrate the Canadian market. In 2010 “Doss Homes” company was born. Doss Homes rapidly and positively became a frontrunner in the Canadian real estate sector, and attracted several leading names to a variety of retail plazas all over the province of Ontario, in cities such as Greater Toronto area ,Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Pembroke, Harrow and Stoney Creek. Doss Homes tenants include Tim Horton, CIBC Bank, Burger King, A&W, Scotia Bank and more.

In 2016, back to Egypt El Batal started their successful chain of “Rocks” Compounds in East and West of Cairo: Rock Eden, Rock Ville, Rock Vera and Rock Elite. Today El Batal Group is a prominent and ground-breaking privately-owned real estate development company, which draws on 30+ years’ real estate experience in Egypt and in Canada. The family’s personal success story is the foundation of its professional credibility and trustworthiness within the local and international communities, still with the great prospect of attracting even more recognition and greater presence in the future.

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