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El Batal Developments began its journey in 1978, evolving from modest, independent contractors to full-service engineers and exceptional developers. El Batal Developments’ story is one of the strong achievements against challenging odds, and it continues to impress with each landmark accomplished.

El Batal Developments represents 40 years of experience in the residential, commercial, and administrative real estate sectors throughout two generations, and with a third on the way. This allows the company to continuously refresh and refine its creative endeavors.

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Years’ Experience


We are El Batal Developments, a growing family of born-and-raised Egyptian engineers and real estate developers with a passion for transforming plain earth into tangible constructions.
Throughout more than 40 years of continued achievement, and led by engineers Adel and Emad Doss after father and founder engineer Samir Doss, El Batal Developments continues to make its mark on the Egyptian and Canadian real-estate markets. The secret to our success is simple: we’re dedicated to real estate. We own, finance, construct, and develop landmarks. Our expertise lies in finding the ideal land for impressive visions to materialize in the residential and commercial sectors. A solid foundation and the right location are our tools of the trade; no more is this better exemplified than in our Cultural Rock concept.


Our progress in the real-estate field follows a few key principles that we uphold:


El Batal Developments wouldn’t be what it is today without the expert guidance of its leaders. Together, the Doss brothers Engineers Adel and Emad Doss, have upheld El Batal Developments’ progress towards engineering prime real estate, along with its dedicated employees.

Eng. Adel Doss

Pioneering the future of El Batal Developments, Eng. Adel Doss brings more than 28+ years of real estate development expertise to the company’s continued progress. A Civil Engineering graduate of Ain Shams University class of 1994 with honors and first-class distinction, Eng. Adel Doss has also studied the Ontario Building Codes and was awarded a license and certifications in high rise building construction in Canada.
He has worked tirelessly to uphold father and founder Eng. Samir Doss’s standard of real estate excellence in El Batal Developments. Eng. Adel’s passion for engineering visionary new projects, and his knack for instilling the values of trust and confidence in his teams, have helped shape what El Batal Developments represents today.

“Today, when I look back on the path we covered, it gives me a profound sense of pride and confidence in our strong and diverse team. These individuals are capable of managing any challenge under the leadership of the Board of Directors.”
Eng. Adel Doss

Eng. Emad Doss

Our CEO and lead visionary, Eng. Emad Doss, perfectly personifies what El Batal Developments stands for: creativity, perseverance, integrity, and reliability. A Civil Engineering graduate of Ain Shams University class of 1996 with honors, Eng. Emad Doss has been fully immersing himself in the expansive world of real estate. His 25+ years of engineering experience have led him to become CEO of El Batal Developments, taking the company to new heights both locally and across continents to Canada with Doss Homes.

Under Eng. Emad Doss’s continued leadership, El Batal Developments has become a powerful and dependable name in the world of Egyptian and Canadian real estate. This is supported by our signature Rock Concept, extending the company’s view of a better life to all who appreciate prime real estate.


“For the future, we believe that El Batal Developments will continue to grow in strength and size and will continue to provide our clients with accessible, quality service. All while assured that they are fully supported throughout the purchasing process, as well as after, thanks to our team.”
Eng. Emad Doss
Chief Executive Officer

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