El Batal Developments represents many things, chief of which is its proven architectural and engineering ability. However, the company wouldn’t be where it is without contributing to its surrounding communities, all in an effort to provide more positive change and prosperity to those in need.


El Batal Developments takes an active role in social contribution and charity work, all in line with our own personal values. The company is proud to have planned several visits to the 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital and Abu El Reesh Hospital for its ‘I Can’ campaign in 2017. The campaign, aimed at helping children with special needs reach their full potential, continued for three consecutive years, helping many talented children realize their talents along the way, and offering the proper care and support necessary for a promising future.
We aim to uphold our activities with more communities in need, and to lend a helping hand to our Egyptian community.

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59 El-Moltaka El-Araby,
Sheraton Heliopolis- Cairo, Egypt.
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