One of El Batal’s key goals is to direct corporate efforts to the well-being & prosperity of the community. We believe that leading a positive & progressive social role is as rewarding to the team as it is to the people who mostly need it. Over the years, El Batal Group has delighted in social contributions and charity work which have always added value to our accomplishments and complemented our sense of fulfillment. In addition to several planned visits to 57357 children’s Hospital & Abu El Reesh, one of El Batal’s major highlights was “I CAN” campaign “انا اقدر”. The campaign was launched in 2017 and continued for three consecutive years. The initiative was to help children with special needs realize their dreams by exposing their talents and getting the proper encouragement and support that they deserve. Proudly, a lot of promising talents were witnessed; hopefully many more to be applauded and encouraged in our community.